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TG Personal Harness


For Safety-Conscious Care

Essential protection for carers and their clients



  • -The TG Personal Harness allows carers to assist clients during a range of daily activities including transfers, standing, walking, mobilisation, sports training and rehabilitation.
  • -The TG Personal Harnes ensures the safety and security of clients during daily activities.
  • -The TG Personal Harness reduces the risks of manual handling injuries for carers.


Design Features:

  • -Designed to comfortably wear over existing existing clothing with optional leg straps.
  • -Velcro waist strap allows easy application and removal of the TG Personal Harness.
  • -The TG Personal Harness has multiple handles which are sewn into the garment at specific points. The handles give a positive, non-slip grip, reducing the potential for injury from awkward handling.



  • -The TG Personal Harness is made from fully washable, breathable and durable material.
  • -Fully adjustable strapsenable the TG Personal Harness to be fitted to most individual clients.
  • -Additional velcro straps allow further individual sizing to take place.