Aero Safety Equipment

The world leader in design and manufacturing of parachutes and safety equipment

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History of Aero Safety Equipment

Aero Safety Equipment supports industry by offering a diverse range of unique products and services. We specialise in custom design and production in order to service the Aviation, Military, Police, Safety and Security industry sectors. The company possesses extensive technical experience, having supported clients with particular reference to design, construction and maintenance of UAV parachutes, safety products, and special forces equipment.

Aero Safety is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA). Our exceptional reputation for service delivery is readily attributed to the effective and efficient provision of parts enabled through our extensive knowledge of the product’s we supply.

Aero Safety’s ability to adapt to the client’s requirements is a result of the considerable industry experience within management as well as our capacity for design and engineering. The technical assessment and development of equipment and parts is supplemented by the proficiency and reliability of our suppliers as well as strength of the relationship with clients and manufacturers.


Aero Safety possesses considerable depth in relation to experience, qualification and the tasks required by Defence and Industry clients. Areas of expertise that Aero Safety has established a sound reputation include those of UAV parachute design, testing and construction for UAV and rocket recovery, data collection, project management, aircraft and helicopter harnesses as well as Military and Police load bearing vests and equipment.
A summary of Aero Safety’s experience in parachute design include:Publishing

  •     UAV Recovery Parachute tested to 350kts.
  •     Submarine Launched Flare Parachute.
  •     Conical ribbon Parachutes for use at 0-8 Mach
  •     Refit of AP-3C aircraft
  •     Rocket payload recovery cruciform parachute
  •     Deployment system for Ram Air Recovery System
  •     Deployment system for ASROC
  •     Anti Spin parachute for test flying aircraft.
  •     Anti Spin Parachute for rocket deployed
  •     Anti Submarine Missile Recovery Chutes. MK44 and MK 46 Torpedo Ribbon Parachute.
  •     Tree Snare Parachute.
  •     Missile Boost Motor Retarder chute.
  •     Single surface square parachute for low altitude balloon bailout.
  •     Jungle canopy marker for Ground Troop ID in combat, Vietnam
  •     Tandem parascending canopy.
  •     Speed boat driver’s retardation chute to be worn with lifejacket for drag boat racing
  •     Pyrotechnically deployed recovery system for test flying prototype canard aircraft
  •     Developed deployment system for Turana drone and water flotation bag.
  •     Designed and built Powered Parachute Canopy for Aerochute Industries.
  •     Landing approach parachute for high performance Hang Gliders.
  •     RAAF Mirage cruciform brake parachutes.


Police, Security and Military products include:

  •     Firearm Clearing Holster for AFP. Safe clearing of firearm inside ballistic protected holster.
  •     Firearm clearing pop-up insert for luggage carried by Skymarshals.
  •     Designed and built the concealed hip holster for Australian Federal Police.
  •     Melbourne Fire Brigade’s high angle rescue team harness.
  •     Full Body rescue Harness for Country Fire Authority.
  •     Ballistic Vests for Victoria Police.
  •     Designed and build Radio Pouch for Victorian Police.
  •     Airborne Rucksacks.
  •     Low leg holsters and magazine pouches.
  •     Custom gear bags for Victorian Police Technical Unit.
  •     Flare pouches.
  •     Load bearing vests.
  •     Shoulder holsters.
  •     Gum Bags for RAAF airfield security teams and SOG.
  •     Equipment bags for Victorian Police SOG and Air Ambulance.
  •     Rappelling Quick Release units for Victorian Police SOG and Tasmanian Police.
  •     Designed Low Leg Parachuting Holster for Army Project Land 132.
  •     Cargo Parachutes for Australian Army.
  •     Constructed Kite Balloon for CFA radio relay unit.


Custom Harness for theatre work:

  •     Rocky Horror Show.
  •     Sisterella.
  •     Quick release harness for Logie Awards.
  •     Circus Oz training harness.
  •     Ice skating training harness.
  •     Custom designed and produced performance harnesses for the Australian Ballet.



  •     Aircraft seat and seat belt assemblies.
  •     Custom seat belt arrangements for disabled.
  •     Designed and built hot air balloon envelope.
  •     Constructed Airship envelope.
  •     Austin Hospital - Coronary Unit - Cardiac Arrest Response Kit Bag.
  •     Sound Recordist Vests for TV.
  •     Tree Harness for Arborists.
  •     Designed and Build Standard Australian approved fall harness in use by local trams.