Aero Safety Equipment

The world leader in design and manufacturing of parachutes and safety equipment

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Design and manufacture recovery parachute

 Aero Safety Equipment have more than 30 years’ experience in design and manufacture recovery parachute. We custom design and built parachute based on the following requirements

  • -Deployment speed
  • -Opening shock limit
  • -Operating altitude
  • -The size, weight and shape of the ballast
  • -Stability requirements
  • -Purpose of the parachute
  • -Operating environment
  • -Size of the landing zone
  • -Re-usability


Design and construct customised ballast

We are expert in designing and constructing various types of ballast such as sandbag, metal frame rocket, UAV aircraft model depending on the structural requirements.
The ballast can also fit with a release mechanism to release the parachute during landing to avoid damaging or tangling the ballast such as UAV.



Perform parachute drop test

We also provide services to preform parachute drop test.

  • -Search for suitable airfield
  • -CASA approval for the drop test
  • -Hire helicopter, aircraft
  • -Provide ground and aerial photos and videos of the drop test


Data acquisition and analysis

Data acquisition unit can be fitted to collect critical data for analysis. For example:

  • -Rate of descent
  • -Stability (oscillation of the parachute)
  • -GPS location tracking
  • -Drift distance
  • -Parachute opening shock load
  • -Parachute opening time and height loss
  • -Wind speed


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