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Helicopter Restraint Strop

Helicopter Restraint Strop

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Product Description

  • OCL Strop is primarily designed for Conventional Infantry and Special Forces personnel being transported in the Black Hawk Helicopter. The OCL Strop as part of the Helicopter Restraint System (HRS) secures passengers within the rear cabin of Australian Army rotary wing aircraft when seats have been removed or are unusable.
  • The OCL Strop is intended to restrict an individual’s movement by means of a line anchorage which will physically prevent the tethered user weighing  150 kg from reaching a position at which there is a risk of a free or limited free fall.
  • The OCL Strop comprises a line that has integral energy absorbing properties, with attachment points at both ends, forming a manufactured assembly designed to be tamper evident if the attachment point has been opened or broken.
  • The OCL Strop is to be of lightweight design that is easily carried by an individual when they depart the aircraft.

Product Specs

  • NSN Number: 1680/661564569
  • The Lanyard is a flexible line or strap that has a QRD at each end for connecting the individual to specified attachment point(s). It has a specified breaking strength and integral energy absorbing properties or a personal energy absorber attached designed to handle a static load of 18 Kn without permanent distortion and can manage a user weighing 150 kg including their combative gear. Models are also available for up to 18okg
  • The OCL Strop is comprised of a Lanyard with a quick release shackle on each end. This enables an individual to attach and release to designated attachment points. This mechanism is commonly referred to as a Quick Release Device (QRD).
  • The attachment hardware is able to sustain  the full loading of a tethered person being thrown forward into the pilot area in the event of a rapid manoeuvre or an inadvertent fall from the aircraft
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