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Customised anti-gravity suit

Customised anti-gravity suit

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The twin zip mesh jumpsuit has integrated anchor points along both front and back, left and right side. There is also a waist anchor belt that has stainless steel rings, left and right side and centre front and back. The belt and rings are designed so that one ring has a design strength of 2000lb (909kg) and results in a working load limit of 181kg.

The two shoulder anchor points are reinforced and each one is also capable of a WLL 181 kg.

In use the wearer can be suspended in various attitudes from several anchor points using shock cord or non-stretch lines. Two safety anchor points must always be used as a back-up either at both shoulder points or two waist belt rings. The safety lines should have a minimum break strength of 2000lb (909kg) each.

Customised anti Gravity Suit

Customised anti-gravity suit 1

Customised anti-gravity suit 2

Customised anti-gravity suit 3

Customised anti-gravity suit 4

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