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Canine Kennels (Dog Boxes)

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Canine Kennels (Dog Boxes)

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Product Description

The dog kennel and box were designed in conjunction with the Victorian Police Dog Squad to provide secure and stable housing for the police dogs. The process of design, prototype and testing took over 2 years to complete but the final product was everything asked for and fit for purpose.
The galvanized steel frame and mesh is sturdy, durable and long lasting. It is easily assembled on site and can be disassembled and transported as a flat pack to a new location. The studded floor is modular and made from recycled HDPE that is water, mold and rot proof material. It is manufactured by Aerochute Industries in Coburg Victoria from locally sourced materials. All sides are constructed on jigs so fit together easily with part numbers. Replacement parts will fit with existing frames.


  • Frame: Galvanized mild steel with 50x50mm galvanized steel mesh
  • Roof: Zinc corrugated sheeting with flashing
  • Floor: Recycled LT Grey HDPE Stud Mat 12mm On a galvanized steel 25x25mm frame
  • Box: Recycled LT Grey HDPE Smooth Mat 7mm Weathertex groove Panel 9.5mm painted Back slides open for washing
  • Door:  Opens inside and out with locking mechanism


  • Run:- Length - 2.5m Width - 2.0m Height - 2.0m
  • Box:- Length - .950m Width - 1.20m Height – 1.125m
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